Ryan Husband - Mar 16, 2020


ATTENTION - This is not a time to be anxious, uneasy, fearful, doubtful, reactionary or in denial. This is a time to breakdown why fear is such a huge part of our response in situations that are outside of our control. The fear you have now is situational. To be honest, fear is always situational.  Think about the time you found someone you loved and you had a fear of losing them.  Or the time you tore your ACL and you thought your athletic career was over. Maybe the time that a loved one passed away and you were forced to live without them. Fear is always one step away from a troubling situation and the amount of control you have or don't have. 


A Response to Your Past Hardships. Have I not already made it through so much?

A Response to Your Current Situation. What makes me think I won't make it through this time?

A Thought About Your Perspective. Have I ever actually been the one in control?

A Thought About How You Might Respond. Is it time that I finally let faith take its much deserved time and let fear take a break for a while... better yet, for good?


For the first time in our lives we can all relate, we can all say that we are struggling against the same situation, the same scenario, the same adversity. In a way this seems comforting but it also seems scary - If we’re all struggling how can we possibly have hope? Mothers and fathers may fear how they will put food on the table for their family, businesses scared they will be forced to close their doors, those in compromised situations fear they will have to say goodbye to loved ones. All of our current fears stem from the same source, COVID-19.


So what then, what should we say, and what should we do? We take ourselves back to the original intention of life, a life that looks like this:

We come together, we unite, we take on the burdens of our neighbor, we encourage them the way we were intended to in the first place. We bring food to our families in need, we hug someone even more tight than we did before, we spend quality time with our families, husbands and wives, we set aside our differences and embrace our current similarities.

We gather online for church in a place where church attendance is marked by how many viewers are "currently watching' while many check in for their very first time.

We say “after you” to the person scrambling to find the last of the produce, toilet paper, hand soap or sanitizer because in our desperation we realize that our neighbors needs should be greater than our own.

We delete the anxiety stricken social media apps and news outlets from our phones and we turn to a book or a conversation that produces such a superior satisfaction.

We step outside of our comfort zone and eliminate the distractions for a day, a week, or a month and review who we actually are and what we have been distracting ourselves from all this time. 

We finally believe that facing adversity produces grit, strength, perseverance, thoughtfulness, compassion, humility, knowledge, power and so much more.

We finally take on the opinion and identity that adversity is truly the opposite of the word itself. We are forced to realize that the outcome of adversity is so much greater than the adverse situation itself. We find that we couldn’t possibly allow the fleeting thought of negativity  ttake control of our situational outlook.

Days like today, days we don't know whats next, we wait, we pray, we listen, we remember the last time we were in a moment of unease and feel that this one is so much greater. Days like today we empty our hands of burdens and replace them with life lived the way we were intended. 

Photos Taken By LRX Photographer - Aaron Sharp

It’s not a time to distract ourselves or turn to self medication through social media, entertainment, pornography, alcohol or drugs. It’s a time to eliminate self medication and tap into the life we were intended to live in the first place. 


Produces freedom from the negativity, envy and chains that bind us to our screens and tear us from actual relationships with those that seem so hard to love.

Doesn’t need to be interfered through entertainment with a realization that our mind and soul is so much more satisfied without self deprecating distraction.

Admits to the lack of real love we have experienced first hand outside of God’s original intention that resulted in an addiction to sex and pornography.

Can finally be lived outside the realm of intoxication, either through drugs or alcohol, because you realize that the version of you that has been in the mirror looking back all these years deserves so much more than what you have currently given them.

Friend, brother, sister, loved one, and the one that doesn't see this life as worth it, now is NOT the time to give up, now is the time to prevail, to seek a superior satisfaction and to know that this adversity is making you stronger. To know that you will look back at this current situation and know that you were made better because of it. You will soon know that hope is a result of pain.

Find emphasis in the following  statement now more than ever: We will make it through and you are not alone.

Photo Taken at Sahalie Falls of LRX Photographer - Aaron Sharp & Owner - Ryan Husband

We encourage you to live your life the way you were intended to. 


Listen to the 'LRX Roots' playlist below to respond to fear, adversity and COVID-19.