Ryan Husband - May 21 2020


So you’ve been out of the gym for nearly three months. Your gym has taken to your gyms Facebook community and Zoom classes and you’ve gained a bit of weight from the endless COVID snacks. Though we’ve seen stories of great growth and communities coming together to encourage one another, we know our gyms are better off full of people! We want you to remember these three things when you flood back to the gym!

Your Gym & Coaches Care

It will be tempting to get back in the gym and get right back after it as if no time has been lost. Even if you’ve worked out over the past few months, working out in a class setting provides a much different stimulus than alone in your garage gym.

Be sure to remember your gym and coach do what they do so they can see you become the best version of yourself - They have your best interest in mind!

If they ask you to squat a little deeper, scale back your pull-ups, move a little slower or wash your hands once more know they care and this will only make you better.

Respond by working a little harder to get below parallel, adding the extra band to your pull-ups, slowing down and giving an extra air five.

They know best what makes you better!

Accountability is KEY to success

Remember when you were sitting at home and knew you needed to workout but couldn’t get off the couch long enough to stop binge watching Tiger King. Yeah… me too.

You may not feel like the most “fit” version of yourself when you go back to the gym. Remember this is okay and you’re not stuck. We all know a little accountability will make us better.

If you have trouble staying motivated:
1. Tell a coach to check in with you if they don’t see you at the gym for a few days
2. Plug in your alarm clock across the room and hit the lights before turning it off
3. Join the LRX community on Facebook to stay encouraged. 

Don’t Take This Gift For Granted 

Remember when you made every excuse to not go to the gym back in February once your New Year's Resolutions began to fade? I think the same person was kicking themself when they realized how much they missed their gym family come late March.

If I’ve realized anything over the past few months, it’s to not take the opportunity of being in the gym for granted. Make a consistent effort to be in the gym, be involved with your community and continue to live a higher quality of life.

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