Ryan Husband - May 22, 2020 

A National Health Crisis in America

Though we are separated by distance, we are close by miles

Mental illness…Obesity...Chronic Illness. For the past 3 months we have experienced a shut down of our local gyms, the backbone of the fitness industry, in the greater part of the United States.  In the foreseeable future, Gyms will reopen, but we will be separated by distance.

Lunge America - The Event

On June 20th, 2020, Lunge America has created a community effort to lunge across America to raise awareness for the important National Health Crises in our country that has plagued our nation for years now.

We encourage you and your local fitness community to take part in Lunge America in an effort to accumulate 2892 miles lunged in one single day. This is the greatest distance from any two mainland points in the United States.

2892 miles in one day?! Yes, just like overcoming mental health, obesity and chronic illness takes a village, it will take a community with a common goal to make a real difference. 

Lunge America - The Workout

Lunge America presents opportunities for all fitness levels to participate in raising awareness for Mental Illness, Obesity and Chronic Illness.

Step 1. Sign up

Step 2. Lunge as many meters as you can on June 20th

Step 3. Submit your total meters lunged to help us raise awareness for mental health, obesity and chronic illness

Follow us on Instagram @tolungeamerica & use the hashtags #lungeamerica #closebymiles for a chance to be resposted to our page.


All profits garnered from our event will be donated to Mental Health America. Athletes will be charged $5 to participate and they will have an option to donate an additional amount of their choice back to Mental Health America on our event page. LRX and Asbury Park Summer Games will not keep any profits for "Lunge America."

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