A Letter From the Owner

July 10, 2019

The caption of a recent Instagram Post from us to YOU stated: 

“By deciding to wear our gear, you have decided to live your life the way you were originally intended.⁠ While we often fall short, the intention should always be the aim.⁠


You may see our posts on social media and wonder what message we are really trying to get across. Recent collections from us have included; Our Anthem Collection and the NEW Thorn Collection. Each collection that we release represents something more than a comfy shirt and a transaction from you. Our vision is that YOU come to understand and start living the way you were created to. 

The Anthem Collection was released back in March and our social media pages represented a light vs. dark element that allowed us to bring to light our vision and mission through a NEW comfy tee, tank and crewneck all in one. Our Anthem is #LIVEPRESCRIBED -. The Anthem Collection was created for you to live out and share the original intention of life with those around you. A few synonyms for the word Anthem include psalm, hymn or song of praise. 

The NEW Thorn Collection was released this past June and quite honestly has been the most fun and exciting release we have come out with yet. With a few teasers, an incredible video, and some awesome photos done at Alum Creek Dam and Beach in Central, OH we wanted to bring something bright and vibrant to the grid to represent the summer sun that is now steadily beating over us. The Thorn Collection is inspired by weakness and humility. We call ourself a countercultural apparel brand and culture tells us to consistently boast in our strengths resulting in arrogant thoughts and behavior. We believe in going against the grain of culture and boasting in our weaknesses. Afterall - a thorn in our side is not intended for harm, rather for protection. A rose has thorns to protect itself from pests and we have thorns to protect ourselves from becoming arrogant - it’s all part of the plan. 

Although we may not come right out and say it, we are a community of people striving to live to the prescription that we were originally intended. The original intention is that of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To understand and comprehend why we go through seasons of death, depression, fear, doubt, stress and anxiety we have to be sure we understand why these things exist in the first place. We often say that LRX is “MORE THAN A BRAND,” and we strive to be sure this holds true across all interactions and platforms that we may come across.

While we do sell fitness apparel like many other brands do, we are here for more. We are not here to start a movement we are here to aid a movement that began long ago - to encourage others to live their lives the way they were originally intended. #LIVEPRESCRIBED

If you have personal questions, comments, requests, etc. I’m here to help, encourage and give value. Reach out!

God Bless,

Ryan Husband 

IG: @ryanahusband

E-Mail: ryan@lrxapparel.com