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Ryan Husband - September 21st, 2020 - The Prescription


Why is having a mini goal so important to your daily life...?
What is a mini goal...?
Can having a mini goal help you to be more productive...?
Where can you have mini goals...?

Everyone likes to look at the end goal, the audacious goal. No one likes to look at the smaller goals that add up to the end goal. Using mini goals can allow you to keep striving for that end goal. It allows you to a have a daily driver toward progression. Without this progression, there is no path to the desired end point.

Great goals take time and the best part of having a goal is chasing it.

Whatever your goal is…
Whatever you are chasing…
You need to take steps not leaps…

Make a vow to yourself today to never stop taking steps.

Never Stop Progressing,
Ryan Husband - LRX, Owner