LRX is excited to announce THE RESOLUTE. We're looking for members that represent the anthem #LIVEPRESCRIBED. This is a lifestyle of living counter-culturally which means going against the grain of those around you. We are NOT looking for transactional relationships and we are NOT looking to start a movement, we're looking to aid a movement.


Mandatory Requirements to Apply for THE RESOLUTE...

  • Active social media presence 
  • Public Instagram and Facebook 
  • 1000 followers - exceptions may be made for applicants with great potential
  • Must currently own and train in LRX apparel - Applicant may purchase apparel after applying and direct message LRX with photos of online purchase transaction within 24 hrs of applying for // THE RESOLUTE //
  • Must boldly represent the LRX Anthem to #LIVEPRESCRIBED

Perks of being a part of THE RESOLUTE...

  • Personal discount on all LRX Apparel
  • Discount to share with friends, family, and your social media 
  • Access to exclusive content 
  • Giveaways and contests only for the Resolute
  • Opportunities to be on LRX social media 
  • Opportunities to help at events near you

Expectations of THE RESOLUTE...

  • LRX related content must be posted at least once a week on personal social media (Stories don’t count) 
  • Tag LRX and use the hashtags #LRXAPPAREL #LIVEPRESCRIBED in each related post
  • Photos must be clear and a good representation of LRX as a lifestyle and organization
  • Must agree to allow LRX to have access to these photos so we can share them on the LRX social media as well as we see fit
  • You must not be involved with another fitness apparel brand. We believe it would take away from the quality and sincerity of your posts for LRX
  • Personal discounts are as stated - personal, so please keep this between you and your spouse only 
  • When contacted by LRX, please be responsive to emails, slack, facebook messages, or texts. We want this to be beneficial for you as well as for LRX and the only way that can happen is with timely responses 
  • You must rate and review all products you purchase on our website
  • We reserve the right to terminate members of THE RESOLUTE if any of the rules above are not followed





Pre Order any pieces from the "Back My Gym Collection" and give 50% of profits back to your gym community. Order ship date subject to change with gym closure duration (pre order close date may be subject to change).