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As a gym owner, we know this time is incredibly challenging. We want to make this as easy as possible for you. Just fill out this form ONE time and we will take care of the rest. You do NOT need to fill this out for every member that purchases.

Stay safe, stay strong #WEBACKYOU!

Ryan Husband
(Owner of LRX)

PLEASE NOTE - Once the submit button is hit you will be redirected to the LRX Apparel Venmo Account where you will be able to add LRX Apparel as a friend. Once orders are finalized we will distribute the funds back to your gym. For international orders we will use the email noted under "Gym Owner Paypal Email" to submit payment once orders close. 

Additional Update - With the updated announcement from President Donald Trump we have decided to extend our pre order one more time. Pre order 2 closes at 11:59pm est. on April 17th and we have extended an additional Pre Order #3 to May 1st. Once Pre Orders are closed shirts will take two weeks to be printed and then sent out to you. Please bare with us and thank you for supporting your communities.***

*The fine print: At the end of the LRX "Back My Gym" Campaign (April 17th), LRX will run a report based on the sales generated for YOUR gym. After this is done, we will calculate the profit and pay your gym via Venmo (Prefered U.S. Form of payment) or via PayPal (All other countries) . We hope to have this done within two weeks of April 17th. If you are to have an amount greater than $600 for YOUR gym we will require you to fill out a W-9 form so that we can issue a 1099 form at the end of the year for taxation purposes. This promotion is NOT limited to just the United States at this time. If another form of payment is absolutely needed please contact us at or Please note that LRX has the right to end this campaign earlier than April 17th or extend as needed due to the uncertainty of campaigns during COVID-19 pandemic.

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Questions or concerns? Please reach us at

Ryan Husband - Owner of LRX Apparel

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