LRX Event: "Back My Gym" - Virtual Pop-Up - 50% of Profits Back to YOUR Gym

From LRX Apparel, the creator of the "Back My Gym" Collection, The LRX Event: Back My Gym 2.0 is a Virtual Pop-Up Shop hosted at to aid the Ohio fitness facility during this challenging time. During our Virtual Pop-Up Shop on May 9th, 2020 from 9am- 1pm we will be giving 50% of the profits for our entire website back to YOUR Gym. Simply have your members type your 'Gym Name' box at checkout and we will do the rest. 

If you are a gym owner and you have not filled out a form for our "Back My Gym" Campaign, please fill out the form below so that we can enter you into our Virtual Pop-Up Shop on May 9th, 2020 from 9AM-1PM. Once you enter all of the information on this form we will work quickly to get you and your gym content to share with your members. Share our Virtual Pop-Up on Facebook with your members and lets "pack the house" come May 9th.

As you may know LRX is a business that has grown highly due to your competitions and events. Without you we wouldn't be us. 

I understand the financial burden and strain that the continued closures are placing on your business - I want to continue to help. As a fitness apparel company and CrossFit Coach I know that right now is incredibly challenging and I've been racking my brain as to ways that we can continue to support you and your facility during this time. I understand that it takes a village. I started LRX Apparel in September of 2017 and since this date the local gym, fitness facility and gym owner has been the MOST supportive to me in my business venture and it is now our time to rally the troops and support those that have supported me.

Keep giving your members value and encouraging them during this time!
My team and I are here for you,

Ryan Husband
Owner of LRX Apparel.