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Back My Gym - Women's Tank

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For the first time in our lives we can all relate, we can all say that we are struggling against the same situation, the same scenario, the same adversity - COVID-19.

With mandated shutdowns and wise gym closure this is not the time to cancel your gym membership!

Through the 'Back My Gym' Campaign, 50% of all profits from each shirt purchased by a member is given back to their gym to help cover costs in this time of unknown. Back YOUR gym because they back YOU!

Pre Order 1 (March 23rd) closed at 11:59 pst. 

Pre Order 2 closure date will be announced soon. 

***At the latest we will close pre orders by April 17th but this date is subject to change and/or be earlier depending on when the closures in states open back up. Once Pre Orders are closed shirts will take two weeks to be printed and then sent out to you. Please bare with us and thank you for supporting your communities.***

***All T-Shirt Sales are final and are not eligible for returns or donations due to this collection being a collection created for a donation purpose***

***All donations will be sent once contact is made with the gym owner from the gym noted in the box at checkout. Our team is small and will do our best to get funds distributed as quick as we can so that your gym is supported - WE LOVE OUR COMMUNITY. Gym owners will be paid via Paypal, Venmo, check or any other form of payment decided upon by LRX and the gym.***  

***There is a possibility that this shirt could be placed on a back order but at this time (March 18th) our printers and suppliers are still open and operating even due to COVID-19.***  

***If there is not a gym noted at checkout, we will do our best to reach out to the customer to receive and adequate gym name and address to have funds sent. If we do not receive a response, we will donate to Rogue Fitness to support their team to develop Masks, Gowns, Shield and Ventilators for the fight against COVID-19. This does NOT have to be a CrossFit Gym. ***

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Pre Order any pieces from the "Back My Gym Collection" and give 50% of profits back to your gym community. Order ship date subject to change with gym closure duration (pre order close date may be subject to change).