Moving from Hawaii & Seeking Discomfort in Life

Moving from Hawaii & Seeking Discomfort in Life

Moving from Hawaii & Three Steps to Seeking Discomfort in Life:

As the CEO of LRX Apparel, I've had the privilege of experiencing personal growth and understanding the importance of seeking discomfort in life. In this blog post, I want to share my journey of moving from Hawaii and how it has shaped my perspective on stepping out of our comfort zones.

Since relocating to Hawaii and getting married, I've had the opportunity to closely examine the areas where I feel uncomfortable. This self-reflection has allowed me to identify the actions I need to take in order to grow as an individual. I firmly believe that by actively addressing these areas, I can positively impact all aspects of my life, including my relationships, business, fitness, and overall personal development.

As an entrepreneur, I've learned to embrace discomfort by internalizing the risks, financial challenges, and daily demands of running my own business. What may seem uncomfortable to others in my role is relative to each individual and the circumstances they face. It's important to recognize that being comfortable in certain situations doesn't guarantee being comfortable in all situations. With this realization, I've committed to leaning into the areas of life where I feel most uncomfortable, pushing myself to go deeper. While it is easy to thrive within our comfort zones, I believe that true growth comes from thriving in the face of discomfort.

For me, the key to seeking discomfort lies in three words: reflect, plan, and follow through. To efficiently navigate these steps in my personal journey, I've developed a set of questions to guide me.

Step 1: Take Time to Reflect

During the reflection process, I ask myself questions to gain a deeper understanding of the areas in which I need to embrace discomfort:

  • In what areas am I most comfortable?
  • In what situations do I feel uncomfortable?

Step 2: Create a Plan

In the planning stage, I envision the outcome of embracing discomfort and ask myself questions that provide reasoning and comfort during those challenging moments:

  • What actions should I take to seek discomfort in my life?
  • What do I anticipate the result of those actions will be?

Step 3: Follow Through

Following through on my plans builds confidence. I've noticed that failing to follow through only intensifies the discomfort I feel in a situation, making it even harder to face future challenges. By following through, I gain more confidence to tackle similar situations. Afterward, I reflect on the experience by asking myself these questions:

  • Was it as bad as I initially thought it would be? If not, why? If so, why?
  • What did I learn about myself or the situation?

Identifying the areas in which I feel most comfortable and uncomfortable has been a crucial step in my personal growth. For instance, I find solace working by myself in a coffee shop, surrounded by the familiar sound of my headphones. On the other hand, downtime and being alone with my thoughts, as well as testing my physical abilities, make me uncomfortable.

To seek discomfort, I've set specific actions in motion. I have committed to taking one day off each week to allow myself time to recharge. Additionally, I have signed up for a physical challenge and started training for it, pushing my physical limits.

Throughout my journey, I've realized that one of my biggest downfalls has been making excuses for environments that make me fearful or uncomfortable. As an entrepreneur, it may seem that I excel at putting myself in uncomfortable situations. However, the lifestyle that truly scares me is a simple, mundane, and slow life - one of lying in bed or relaxing on the beach. I have come to understand that simplicity and slowness hold value in certain moments of life and should not be disregarded. Therefore, as I move into this next season, I am taking a different approach to life, a season that calls me towards the growth I've been waiting for but was not prepared to embrace.

As I prepare to leave Hawaii, I am filled with gratitude for this unexpected season of preparation. It hasn't been easy, and my wife can attest to the challenges I've faced as an entrepreneur living on an island. Yet, I recognize the importance of putting myself in more uncomfortable situations. This includes taking personal risks, allowing myself to take days off, and setting training goals. By seeking discomfort, I am confident that I will continue to grow both personally and professionally.

Thank you for joining me on this journey of seeking discomfort and personal growth. Remember, it is through embracing discomfort that we unlock our true potential.


All the best,

Ryan Husband CEO, LRX Apparel

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