The Humility Campaign & The Meaning Behind One Of Our Core Values

The Humility Campaign & The Meaning Behind One Of Our Core Values

Defining Humility: The Core of Our Campaign

Defining Humility: The Core of Our Campaign

Defining Humility

Humility, by definition, is a modest view of one's importance. It is the antithesis of pride, which breeds arrogance, while humility fosters confidence. Confidence and arrogance, like humility and pride, are not equivalents.

Humility relates to pride as confidence does to arrogance.

"Pride is your greatest enemy, humility is your greatest friend." "Humility is the root of all virtue."

Confidence vs Arrogance

Confidence is about boldness and self-assuredness. It's not intended to belittle others, and neither is humility. Confidence encourages others to keep striving, regardless of where they are in life.

Arrogant people focus solely on themselves, disregarding the wellbeing of others. The key difference between humility and pride lies in the motivation behind your actions, whether they're deeds you're performing or words you're speaking.

Are your actions meant to attract attention, or are they genuinely aimed at positively impacting others?

Humility Is In The Quiet Work

This phrase embodies our campaign's motto and one of our core values. So, what does "quiet work" entail?

"Quiet Work" means work done behind the scenes, not for affirmation or approval. It's about actions taken when no one's watching and actual work done, not just talked about.

Work done with a loud intention is self-serving. If self-importance is the root of our work, it's not beneficial to others.

Those who work quietly, disregarding others' affirmation, usually have a better endurance to reach a desired outcome. They perform the work to make an impact on those around them.

So, hard work done in silence will yield better outcomes for the worker and those affected by their work.

Our individual goals should aim at improving the lives of those around us, not just ours.

The Humility Campaign

"Humility is in the Quiet Work."

In this campaign, we wanted to delve deeper into our core value and the "prescription for life". We used three archetypes to define our journey: The Athlete, The Entrepreneur, and The Creator.

The Archetypes

The Athlete - "For The Love of the Game."

"It's important that we always remember our why, and do things not because we want the accolades, not because we want the clout online, but because we love it." -Kat Kahill, Hybrid Athlete & Coach

The Entrepreneur - "The Work, Works on You."

"In the process of building something, I want to be known for the work that I’m doing as opposed to trying to keep up with what everyone else is doing.”

  • Ryan Husband, CEO & Founder of LRX.

The Creator - "The Authenticity of Storytelling"

"My goal is to sit down and tell authentic stories, to make something relatable it needs to come from the point of humility.

  • Austin Depew, Health & Fitness Videographer.

The LRX Vision

As a company, we’re moving away from the generic campaigns featuring an athlete training or working out, preaching discipline, consistency, or becoming 1% better.

While these are great ideals for self-development, we want to guide a larger story and invite our community to join us on the journey to Live Prescribed. This collective effort will enrich all our lives, not just ours.

Our focus is on the compounded effect of us all growing and learning together. We're confident that this joint growth will result in longevity and growth greater than 1%.

With our humility campaign, and indeed, our entire brand ethos, our aim is to create content that stirs the hearts of our community and spurs us all into action. We want to encourage everyone to live a life that they can be proud of, a life guided by a humble approach and a commitment to the betterment of others.

While we're a company that depends on the purchases of our customers, our vision goes beyond the products we sell. Even if our brand and products didn't exist, we would still hold fast to the ideals we champion. Many of the most significant brands in our industry have only been around for 60 years, but the world and its people have been here for much longer.

When our time is over, and even if our brand ceases to exist at some point, we hope that our message and the impact we made will endure. Our focus isn't on our immediate needs, but on the lasting legacy we leave behind. If we keep this as our primary goal, we trust that our needs will be met through the support of our community.


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