Kicking Off 2024 With Your 2023 Wins

Kicking Off 2024 With Your 2023 Wins

Setting solid goals takes time, and knowing what you want to do takes time to curate. So my encouragement to you is to NOT set your 2024 goals in stone today, unless you’ve already been thinking about them for a while. Instead, take the next month to develop your vision, goals and plan your next 11-12 months.

It’s absurd to think you’re going to take New Year’s Day and pull the perfect set of goals out of your butt and leave the new year heading into 2025 with a big list of checked boxes… so take your time and do it right.

But first, it’s important to know where your at. I’m not talking about dusting off that old notebook you wrote in last year… I’m talking about grabbing a fresh new piece of paper and writing down your top ten wins or learns from this past year.

I’ll start with mine.

The Top Ten Things I Learned in 2023:

  1. Steward and Plan Your Finances
  2. Not Everyone Will Like You
  3. Staying in a Routine Dramatically Effects Your Output
  4. Put Yourself In A Situation To Do What You Love More
  5. It’s Simpler Than You Think, Just Start
  6. Set Smaller Goals in the Short Term & Larger Goals in the Long Term - Attainability is the Key to Momentum
  7. Always Have a Training Goal and a Test Date
  8. Read Books That Solve Your Current Problems, Don’t Read Books and Then Solve Problems You Didn’t Know You Had
  9. Running is a Great Time for Learning, So Run More
  10. The Only Competition is You, Yesterday - Stop Comparing

Your top ten wins, are the momentum you’ll bring into 2024. Write your 2023 wins down before setting goals for the new year.

- Ryan Husband, LRX Founder & CEO

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