Inside the Threads of the Thrive Campaign

Inside the Threads of the Thrive Campaign

Why Thrive: Inside the Threads of the Thrive Campaign

To thrive means to prosper and flourish. To thrive in life, you must align with your life's purpose and intention. Our Thrive Collection was designed with your daily life in mind, using our new bamboo fabrics that have a number of added benefits, which I will address below.

Our Thrive Tee and Crop will make you feel and look like you're thriving, but it will also remind you that thriving in life goes deeper than just how you look and feel. The message behind this product line goes deeper than the super soft fabric we created for you.

Below, you will find a breakdown of our Thrive campaign, including how to use it, why we created it, and what the message of our Thrive campaign means.


Thrive: How to Use It

At LRX, we create products that solve problems, plain and simple. You need clothing you can wear anywhere you go, clothing you can train, live, and rest in. Your clothing needs to make you feel good and look good.

We created our new Thrive Shirt and Crop as a staple to your daily wardrobe. It can be used to train in, but we created it to cover the live and rest activities in your life. It is the perfect and most comfortable shirt you can dress up and wear out, or dress down and wear in. We wanted you to not only look like you're thriving but also feel like you're thriving when you put it on.

Not only does this product make you feel and look good, but it was also made with our new bamboo fabric that has a number of added benefits.

Our Thrive Crop and Tee have the softest and most luxurious hand feel of any other product we have created. They are a level up in quality and comfort.

Each product we create has a message, a story, and a reason. We create products with intention and build stories within each product line and campaign to mean something more than the average brand. This product was created to make you feel like you're thriving but also to call you to thrive more in your life. You will notice on the bottom left corner of our product; we have added a small note as a daily reminder to never stop thriving.


Thrive: Why We Created It

Incredibly Soft - This product has the most luxurious and softest hand feel of any other product we have created. We have been testing it in the field with our customers at in-person events for a year now, and the shock on each customer's face when they run their hand across the fabric never gets old. Bamboo fabric is often used for sheets and bedding because of how soft it is, and now you can get it in a shirt.

Breathable - Bamboo has little microscopic holes in it, making it super breathable in warmer weather and perfect for summer activities. It also eliminates the chance of excess sweating when you do not want to.

Insulating - Not only is this product super breathable, but it is also insulating and great at keeping you warm in colder temperatures. Bamboo has thermoregulatory properties that make it colder than cotton when the temperature drops.

Moisture Wicking - Bamboo wicks sweat from your skin quickly and dries twice as fast as cotton.

Anti-Bacterial - Bamboo is anti-bacterial, which will allow you to feel and stay fresh longer because the fabric will fight odors and make it less necessary to wash often. This makes it more eco-friendly.

UV Protection - Filters up to 97.5% of UV radiation, protecting you from the sun's rays.

Hypoallergenic - If you have sensitive skin, this product is for you. Natural bamboo is hypoallergenic and will not cause allergic reactions.


Thrive: The Story Behind It

The Thrive Crop Tee and Thrive Tee are not just about looking and feeling good, but also about embodying the message behind the product. At LRX, we believe that true thriving goes beyond material possessions and external appearances. It is about aligning with your life's purpose and intention, finding joy and fulfillment in everyday moments, and growing and evolving as a person. We hope that by wearing the Thrive Crop Tee or Thrive Tee, individuals can be reminded of this message and carry it with them throughout their day.

Our Thrive Campaign is centered on the definition of thriving in life, which means to prosper and flourish. We want to encourage individuals to reflect on their own definition of thriving and to pursue it with intention and passion. We believe that when individuals are aligned with their purpose and living a life that brings them joy, they are able to thrive in all areas of their lives.

The Thrive Crop Tee and Thrive Tee act as a physical representation of this concept. When individuals wear these shirts, they are not only showcasing their commitment to their own growth and development, but they are also inspiring others to do the same. Our hope is that this message will create a ripple effect, inspiring individuals to pursue their passions, embrace their authentic selves, and live their best lives.

We believe that by creating products with intention and building stories within each product line and campaign, we can create something that means something more than the average brand. The Thrive Crop Tee and Thrive Tee are just one example of this. With their soft bamboo fabric, luxurious hand feel, and added benefits, they are a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation. But more than that, they represent our belief that thriving is not just a goal to achieve, but a way of life to be embraced.

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