An invitation to experience a NEW brand for yourself.

An invitation to experience
a NEW brand
for yourself.

The Statement Tee

A high quality product and customer experience


You Want To Support
A Fitness Apparel Company
that you love
But There’s a Problem…

Fitness apparel is expensive

Trying a new company is stressful

Too many Paid Advertisements - who do you trust?!

High quality customer experiences can be tough to come by

At LRX we believe that trying on a new relationship with a fitness apparel company should be easy and painless. That’s why we’ve created an invitation to you to try our brand on for size.

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The LRX Statement Tee

is an invitation from our community to you that makes it easy for you to try out a new relationship with a fitness apparel company that you’ll love.


Buy Your 9.99 Statement Tee


Have a Brand Experience You’ll Love


Know You Made the Right Choice

Regular price $28.00

Brought to you by LRX

Supporting thousands of happy customers just like you:

The LRX team is full of the kindest, caring, driven, supportive and altruistic people I've ever met.

— Serena Goode

LRX is more than just an apparel company focused on the material. They are a community determined to encourage others to be better.

— Casey Crable

The brand is more than just great apparel, it is composed of great people. They have the drive and passion to be the best and that is something I can get behind.

— Sarina Ruggiero

Regular price $28.00

You Deserve To Have Fitness Apparel That You Feel Great Wearing.

At LRX we know that you NEED the chance to experience a fitness apparel company you love without first breaking the bank. In order to do that you need an opportunity to test out a relationship with a company before spending your whole paycheck. The problem is that there are too many fitness apparel companies... which makes it hard to choose. We believe that you deserve the opportunity to develop a relationship with a company that you love. We understand that fitness apparel can be pricey... that’s why we’ve developed our Statement Tee for $9.99. We want YOU to be a part of a community that never stops progressing so that you can continue to work hard everyday and have a brand that supports you along the way.

Regular price $28.00

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