Why Your Relationships Matter In Regards To Your Purpose | The 2nd Pillar of Purpose

Why Your Relationships Matter In Regards To Your Purpose | The 2nd Pillar of Purpose

At LRX, we place a high value on Purpose. Purpose is the foundation upon which LRX was built, and it is the driving force behind everything we do. In Episode #25 of our Podcast, "Three Pillars of Purpose," I introduced my three pillars of purpose: your being, your relationships, and your project. Your being encompasses your body, mind, and soul, while your relationships involve your interpersonal interactions from both horizontal and vertical perspectives. Your project refers to your life's work, the task that demands the most time and effort from you, or the problem you intend to solve.

This week's episode focuses on the second pillar of purpose: relationships. Your relationships build on top of your being and help you flourish in life if managed appropriately. Relationships can either be the rocket fuel that propels you forward or the dynamite that tears you apart. The best part is that you get to choose. You are not forced to maintain the relationships you have, so take ownership and pursue them. Trying to achieve your purpose without the help of others can lead to narcissism and prevent you from reaching your full potential. While you can go fast alone, you can go far together. The most important aspect of these relationships is maintaining harmony and depth. There are two types of relationships, horizontal and vertical.


Horizontal Relationships:

Horizontal Relationships are the relationships that are formed with individuals who are beside you. They are the key to understanding your purpose. The stronger your relationships are with those beside you, the stronger you will be, and the more capable you will be of achieving your purpose. Your horizontal relationships can fuel your being pillar of purpose by improving you physically, mentally, and spiritually. They are the rocket fuel that can boost the quality of your life. Horizontal relationships are the most desirable relationships since they are equitable and non-competitive, with no power struggle involved.


Vertical Relationships:

On the other hand, Vertical Relationships are the relationships that make you feel down and take you off your path. These relationships are competitive in nature, and you won't feel encouraged in them. You'll feel like you're in a constant race to prove them wrong or outdo them. In these relationships, one person assumes a higher or lower position, or both parties remain indirectly competitive and engage in an ongoing power struggle. Vertical relationships are stressful and do not align with your purpose. They don't encourage your foundational purpose of being, and they always place themselves in a position of power to control you.

In conclusion, relationships are an essential part of your journey towards fulfilling your purpose. They are the foundation upon which your life is built. It is up to you to choose the relationships that will propel you forward and help you achieve your goals. By focusing on maintaining strong horizontal relationships and avoiding vertical relationships, you can create a supportive environment that fosters growth and propels you towards achieving your purpose.

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