Being - The Foundation of Purpose | The 1st Pillar of Purpose

Being - The Foundation of Purpose | The 1st Pillar of Purpose

One of our core values at LRX is Purpose, which is the value LRX was founded on. Specifically, "Live Your Life with Purpose." In Podcast Episode #25, "Three Pillars of Purpose," I defined my three pillars of purpose: your being, your relationships, and your project. Your being refers to your body, mind, and soul. Your relationships are your interpersonal interactions from both a horizontal and vertical perspective. Your project is your life's work, the work you put the most time and effort into or the problem you're solving.

This week's episode will focus on the first pillar of purpose: being. Your being is primary and foundational. Without a strong sense of being, you'll have no north star or direction. To give yourself purpose, you have to give energy to the foundational makeup of who you are, and who you are is representative of your spirit, your mind, and your body. Without a healthy spirit, mind, and body, you'll lose a sense of purpose.

Giving Your Spirit Purpose:

Your spirit is represented by faith and belief in something greater than yourself. To have a strong spirit, you need to acknowledge the existence of something beyond yourself. To me, something isn't relative, and it's not one-size-fits-all; it's direct and open to everyone. My faith and spiritual life give me a direct path to my purpose, and it helps me to discern which route to take along my journey. It's my strongest sense of accountability to taking the road I'm meant to be on. Lacking faith means lacking effectiveness; lacking effectiveness means an inefficient route to carrying out your purpose. Having faith and a strong spirit does not mean carrying out your purpose will be easy, but it will give you the foreground to a purpose to pursue when things get hard. Your spirit will dictate all else. Make your spirit healthy and purpose-seeking, and you'll align closely with your purpose even when all else seems to fail.

Giving Your Mind Purpose:

Your mind is represented by the pursuit of wisdom, knowledge, and mental fortitude. To have a strong mind, you need to have a constant willingness and humility to learn. Willingness and humility will be the foreground for never becoming complacent in your pursuit of a strong mental purpose. Growth in your mind can come from seeking help from others and from more knowledgeable people around you. Constantly pursuing a deeper sense of knowledge and learning by challenging yourself to take on hard new skills or challenges. Your sense of growth mentally will come from the books you read, the people you learn from, and the pursuit of processing why you think the way you think, and whether or not it's affecting or hindering your purpose. If it is, seeking help from others via counseling or mentorship will give you a leg up to being strong mentally.

Giving Your Body Purpose:

Your body is represented by the striving for health and taking care of your body. To have a strong body, you need to prioritize how you sleep, eat, and train. We don't need to go into the depth of why each of these things is important; you've all heard why, and you're likely carrying them out in some sense if you're reading this. Sleeping well, eating well, and training well obviously influence your health and life in a very positive way. But maintaining a healthy relationship with how you sleep, eat, and train will directly influence your level of confidence in carrying out your purpose. Confidence is key when pursuing your purpose. It's the adage, "look good, feel good, play good."

The value and emphasis you give to your being and the depth of your understanding on how it affects your purpose will be the key to unlocking a deep sense of belief in yourself. Without a spiritual, mental, and physical purpose, you'll lack confidence in your purpose, and you'll be less effective in carrying it out. In most cases, this is why people sometimes have a hard time knowing or aligning with their purpose because something in one of these three areas has created a roadblock or lack of clarity to carrying it out. Pursue and wrestle with each of these categories and keep them high in the priority list as you pursue your purpose, and you'll be effective in life and the pursuit of purpose.

Give your being purpose, so you can live your life with purpose.

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